CheeseCakeSwap Weekly Updates — 1

3 min readMar 29, 2021


Welcome Cheese Cake lovers! From now on, we decided to have a weekly newsletter about our platform updates. We will be informing our community about the milestones we reached through a week.

Coingecko Listing

We made our application to be listed on Coingecko and finally, they confirmed our application and we are listed on Coingecko.

CCAKE page on Coingecko.

Techrate Audit Report

We contacted Techrate to make sure our contracts are solid as a rock. They audited our contracts through the week and created a report implying there is not a high-security issue! You can check the report here.

Launchpool Implementation

For new projects that want to be on Binance-Smart Chain, our platform offers them to make their sales on CheeseCakeSwap. For those who want to be on our Launchpool, they can access the application form here.

After an application is submitted, our team will evaluate the project based on:

  • The credibility of the team.
  • Tokenometrics of the project.
  • Contract security.
  • Project mission.


We created a lottery section on our platform where the community can buy a ticket to win a good amount of CCAKE! You can check and buy your lottery tickets here.

Burns and Changes in Burn Mechanism

As our unique burn mechanism suggests, we made the 27th burn of CCAKE! After 1 month of burn, our team has decided to change the burn mechanism to increase the value of CCAKE. For that reason, we asked our community if they want to change it and they agreed with us!

New Burn Policy of CheeseCakeSwap

Additional Pools

Our platform always aims to increase opportunities for our community, that’s why we decided to add a LINK pool to our platform. The reason why we add this pool is CCAKE community asked for it!

Docs, Roadmap, and Marketing

At the beginning of the week, we hired a new marketing strategist to bring more value to our platform and community. We believe that with this step, our platform will continue to grow.

Our team has updated the docs, you can read it here. We also updated our roadmap since a lot of milestones have been reached. You can see it all here.




CheesecakeSwap is a decentralized exchange, yield farm and AMM platform on Binance Smart Chain