CheesecakeSwap Updates — 2

3 min readMay 7, 2021


Although we forgot about this place a bit during the about 40 days period, in this time we have experienced many firsts and successes as a result of our intense teamwork.

In the first quarter, we were ranked in the TOP GAINERS lists of pages such as Dapp, BSC Project, BNB Swap and BSC News many times, sometimes as a leader in daily and weekly periods. Later, we added our first liquidity to the 1inch and Bakery Swap pools. We launched HODL & WIN, which is the 3rd Airdrop event that lasted for 20 days, and delivered a total of 1500 CCAKE to 3 winners.

In the second quarter of the 40 days period, we were added to Trust Wallet. Regarding tracking programs, we have been reviewed and listed by, Defistationio, Also, we have been listed as Number 1 among top winner’s lists like BSCNews, BSCDaily, Cryptocrunchapp and Coingecko.

After the third quarter, CheesecakeSwap has acquired a brand new look. First, we used the “CCAKE to the Moon” concept temporarily in accordance with the momentum we caught, then we worked hard with the ideas and support of our community to get our new face through the patisserie theme and we now believe we’ve found the latest and sweetest CheesecakeSwap look.

Upon intense request from our community, we withdrew the CCAKE Lottery ticket price from 5 CCAKE to 2 CCAKE and announced this with 900 CCAKE contribution to the lottery pool as a team. Also, besides our official telegram addresses, our unofficial community groups has reached large masses with the “Trade, Spanish, Italian and Dutch” groups that our investors have opened with their own will according to their locations.

Officials Telegram Groups:

Unofficial Community Telegram Groups: (Spanish)

Finally, in the fourth quarter, we started the announcements days before the Pancake V2 migration, and we managed to switch our investors to v2 farm options without any problems. With the V2 migration, we increased the earning rates by increasing the multiplier number of $BTCB $UNI $CAKE $BAKE $JULD pools. In this period, we broke new records and saw 10M$ TVL and our $CCAKE price reached $3.91. At the time we wrote this article, our burned coin amount has reached 103,058. Lastly, CoinMarketCap and Coinbase now support $CCAKE price and volumes on v2 router after our application.

10M$ Celebration:




CheesecakeSwap is a decentralized exchange, yield farm and AMM platform on Binance Smart Chain